Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Okay, as you can see I just changed the ENTIRE layout of this here blog. I KNOW the picture I have chosen is NOT the best, but if you want something different send it to me, and we can hook a sista up, yo. ASLO! If you want me to play a different song, you need to send it to me in an mp3 format. It is the only way it will work, or if you send it to me in an mp4 format, but it can't be a song that has been purchased, because then it will not work. Make sense? Awesome.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The joys of college!

Girls, I can't wait to hear everyone's adventurous summer lives! I just want to tell you a tiny bit about mine...
BYU Idaho is amazing. I would suggest it to anyone and everyone... except you all are going places BUT I love it. The carefree, stay up into all hours of the morning, eat crap, and get sick is the best thing for right now! My roommates are so fantastic. We're all freshman... actually the only freshman in our ward.We laugh at almost any and everything that happens in our little apartment. All the girls in our ward are 19+ and all the boys are RMSSSS!!! It's amazing the maturity in boys after their missions. We have an FHE group of boys that we hang out almost nightly with, if it were water fights, bowling, making dinner, dancing, and making homemade fries. Our most recent favorite activity with them is sling shot paint balling! Seriously if you guys are ever bored, go to walmart, get a sling shot for $5.67, painballs and go bonkers! There's also a game we've played since sunday called NINJA DESTRUCTION!!! So we all have to start in a ninja position and the goal of the game is to get the player out by choping someones hand. Once you chop, your hand has to stay in this position. So it was only myself and my FHE brother Cyrus playing. He happened to have his hand right above his buttocks... I had no option but to attempt to karate chop his hand and miss his bum. So I go in for the chop, over swung and gave him a nice little slap on the bum! Definitely one of the greater moments of life. For the boy aspect of life... There's a boy named Seth in my english class that asked me on a date the second day i'd met him. He's super fun but very touchy. I've decided it best to stay friends with him for a while but i'll keep updates. NOW YOUR TURN! =) I love you girls!

Monday, June 15, 2009

yay meg!

Thanks for doing this, Meg! I hope all of you girls contribute so I know what's going on in your lives!

Here's a little update from me: I went from having no jobs (well, not counting ChaCha, which doesn't really count) to having 3! I am now:
  1. The BYU Animal Caretaker (meaning I feed lab rats and pidgeons and things),
  2. A BYU Typewell Transcriptionist (I go to class with deaf kids and type up the lectures, which are transferred realtime to their computers), and
  3. A BYU Art Model. Yes, I am going to stand in front of art classes in a bikini, and be drawn. Don't worry, its ethical, I checked.
Yay! I am very excited about the wonderful thing called income! I hope I see you guys soon.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Post!

Hi girlies! I'm sorry it's taken me ages to make this, but It's finally finished! I hope I can get this all to work so we can have multiple bloggers. I'm sorry if you're not super satisfied with the name, We can change it =) Let me know about your lives!!!