Monday, June 15, 2009

yay meg!

Thanks for doing this, Meg! I hope all of you girls contribute so I know what's going on in your lives!

Here's a little update from me: I went from having no jobs (well, not counting ChaCha, which doesn't really count) to having 3! I am now:
  1. The BYU Animal Caretaker (meaning I feed lab rats and pidgeons and things),
  2. A BYU Typewell Transcriptionist (I go to class with deaf kids and type up the lectures, which are transferred realtime to their computers), and
  3. A BYU Art Model. Yes, I am going to stand in front of art classes in a bikini, and be drawn. Don't worry, its ethical, I checked.
Yay! I am very excited about the wonderful thing called income! I hope I see you guys soon.



Megan said...

Friend, How did you get all these jobs?! I can see you fitting right in with all of them! I actually laughed hysterically when I read the modeling job in front of an art class. Do you feel awkward at all? Has anyone asked for your number yet?

Victoria Elizabeth Windsor said...

No one is allowed to ask for my number in the art class. I'm not even allowed to talk to the students, actually, and dating them is ABSOLUTELY taboo. Which is good, because it is really professional. I don't feel awkward at all, but I do feel like an object! It's all good though. :)

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