Monday, October 26, 2009

Janelle showed me how to use a blog!! (in psychology)

Oh my goodness! This is awesome! I'm sitting here looking at a slide show about robust correlations (...?), AND writing my first ever blog post! :) Plus! Last night I learned that you can text your own email! So, I didn't have to buy that cord at the verison store afterall... but I don't even care, because I have my phone pictures now. I'm not so hot with technology I guess.

BUT. I have a great story. Me and my two roommates Joy and Kara needed to drop of invitations for our FHE halloween party last night, and it was very cold outside. So, we put on every single solitary scarf we owned! And let me tell you... our FHE brothers thought we were crazy. Funny thing about scarves though- they don't keep you warm if you don't wear a jacket. Oh well.

Just a couple other things... (I should probably listen to prof lloyd)
1: I accidentally called the police
2: You should all try racing office chairs across bubble wrap
3: I realized the other night that the only food I had was cookies and carrots. Don't worry, I went shopping.
4: I made my first roast last night!! yum.
5: My roommate sleep talks! (like... not just a little bit).

and 6: I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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